Welcome To Your 2020 Block Party Registration Page!
This is a one-stop shop to obtain permit requests, barricades, and block party resources. Due to the risk of spreading Covid-19, free hamburgers, hot dogs and sports equipment are not offered this year.

If you have questions or need help, call 780-459-1756 (8:00am-5:00pm M-F).
This web site is operated by St. Albert Neighbourhood Watch. Info
Your information is only used to administer the Block Party program. We do not sell your information or use it for any other purpose unless you provide permission.

Step 1 - Contact Information:
First Name 
Last Name 
Postal Code 
Email Address 
Phone: Day/Evening 
Please keep me informed about other neighbourhood development events and opportunities for my neighbourhood, such as Conversation Cafes and information sessions. (maximum 5 emails per year)

Step 2 - Party Plan:
House Count  Info
How many homes are being invited?
Maps can help when counting the houses being invited.
Tap here to find a map of your neighbourhood.
Events held in a public space may require approval from St. Albert Recreation and Parks
Date of Party  Calendar
Alternate Date  Calendar Info
Optional - select an alternate event date in case the Event Date is cancelled due to bad weather or other circumstance.
Time of Event 
Party Location 
I agree to follow the Alberta Public Health Orders to
keep the gathering under 100 people in an outdoor space.
Explain How 
You Will Do This 
I agree to follow the Alberta Public Health Orders to
ensure physical distancing is possible.
Explain How 
You Will Do This 
A permit is required if you want to block off the street and must be submitted at least 10 days prior to your event.
Tap here to download an application form to block a street.
Collapsible plastic barricades can be carried in your car.
Tap here for a picture.
Barricade Location(s) 
Date Flyers Required  Calendar   Info
Crime Prevention Flyers should be delivered with your party invitations. If you don't want free food, then flyer delivery is optional.
Neighbourhood Watch and Citizen's Patrol will provide free hamburgers, wieners and buns if you distribute crime prevention flyers with your party invitations. Provision of free food is subject to the following conditions:
  1. All residents must be invited to your party - you cannot exclude any neighbours.
  2. Crime prevention flyers must be delivered to all residences PRIOR to the block party (do not distribute them during the party).
  3. The numbers entered for adults and children will only be the people who have CONFIRMED they will attend, and will not include people who MIGHT attend.
  4. Parties larger than 150 residences might not qualify - please contact Neighbourhood Watch at 780.460.4276 for confirmation.
I will comply with these conditions
Portable fire pits require a permit.
Tap here for a permit application form.
Select your equipment bag in Step 3 after tapping "Save". Meanwhile, tap here to view the sport equipment list..
Have you engaged youth to help with your block party? Show them that the neighbourhood and City of St. Albert value their participation. Reward them with a “Positic” that allows them a free play at a City recreation facility. By selecting this option, you will be provided with 5 Positics. Contact Angie if you need more at adedrick@stalbert.ca.

By choosing this option, I agree that the asset development coordinator can contact me with more information about 40 developmental assets and youth programing.
Info Waste Reduction Tips For Your Party
Be Waste Wise" colouring books are available for the kids. You can order them when you fill in the food order at the bottom of this registration page.

"What Goes In" poster:
Tap here for the poster in a PDF document.

Waste reduction tips for your block party:
Tap here for the tips in a PDF document.
The Food Bank will loan a donation bin if you want to place one at the party.
For a list of needed items, go to stalbertfoodbankandcommunityvillage.com/support-us/food-hampers/.
Do you want an art activity for kids? Info
This year the art activity is "There’s No Place Like Gnome". Tap here to view art activity.
Do you want gloves and bags to clean up public property? Info
Check this option if you need gloves and trash bags to use when cleaning up public spaces. The City of St. Albert provides 10 trash bags and 15 pairs of gloves to groups cleaning up public areas.
Tap here for more information
or contact Erin Pickard:
Phone 780.459.1755 ext. 3030
Email epickard@stalbert.ca
If you check this box, we will have one of our Block Party mentors contact you. The mentors are St. Albert residents who have lots of experience planning block parties.
Would you like us to request that a St. Albert MLA (Marie Renaud or Dale Nally) attend your block party?
Would you like us to request that the St. Albert MP (Michael Cooper) attend your block party?
 Would you like a City Councillor to attend your block party? Info
You can invite specific Council member(s) to attend your party.
Email addresses are near the bottom of each profile at:
View councillor profiles.
 Activities and games for youth Info
Activities and games can play an important role in youth experiencing caring neighbourhoods and developing positive adult relationships. Here is a quick and easy game to get everyone interacting:
Tap here for more information in a PDF document
 Funding for environmental initiatives Info
The City of St. Albert's Environmental Initiatives Grant Program provides funding to qualifying projects.
Tap here for more information
or contact Meghan Myers:
Phone 780.459.1735
Email mmyers@stalbert.ca
More Resources:   Invitation samples, list examples, insurance, etc. Info
Want helpers? Register for the Good Neighbour Project and we will introduce you to other people on your street that are interested in a block party. The registration form is here.

Examples of party invitations can be downloaded from the City's web site under the "Need some help with your party?" topic.

Keep track of who is coming and what they are bringing on the Block Party RSVP List spreadsheet.

Neighbourhood Watch offers free anti-theft licence plate screws for St. Albert residents - phone 780.460.4276 to arrange installation.

Your homeowner insurance policy should cover most risks, but the City of St. Albert offers block party coverage for $30 per event.
Additional Info 

Click the Save button below before proceeding to Section 3

Step 3 - Party Details:
Pickup Time  Info
If the available pickup times are not convenient, consider asking a neighbour to pick up (and return) the supplies for you.
Text A Reminder To  Info
(Optional) if you want a text message to remind you about the pickup, enter your phone number here. Reminder text messages are sent at 9:00 AM on the pickup date.
Pickup Location 
Return Location 

Thank you for organizing a block party - you are helping to foster a better community.