2023 Block Party!

St. Albert provides one-stop shopping for block party organizers.

Play Streets are now a part of the Block Party program

A map of all block parties registered since 2008 can be seen here

Looking for help with a block party? Register at
www.stagoodneighbour.com and we will introduce you to others
who are also interested in a block party on your street

Ready to start?
Register your Block Party or Play Street!

The following FREE resources are available for both block parties and play streets in St. Albert through the registration page: For block parties only, Neighbourhood Watch and Citizen's Patrol offer free food to party organizers, if they distribute crime prevention flyers with their block party invitations. Want more information?
City of St. Albert block party page has a block party planning guide

Email Angie Dedrick at adedrick@stalbert.ca

Not located in St. Albert?
Here are links to resources in other communities:

Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch offers assistance with block parties

City of Edmonton

Stathcona County